Air Guitar, Move Aside for the Vocal Guitar


And before someone comments on this, I believe Michael Winslow is playing bass, not guitar. :)

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When I first saw the beginning of the clip, I had no idea what to expect. What did happen blew my mind – I had always been impressed with beat-boxers, but Michael (Sgt. “Motor Mouth” from Police Academy) took that to a whole new level. His singing voice was great too.

Now, it’s obviously not something everyone can recreate – there’s a level of talent there that some of us just don’t have. That said, it’s probably not something we’ve tried (and then evaluated our abilities for), and it reminded me of the ingenuity and capability people have in themselves that might not be obvious.

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    • jp2323

      nope, he’s playing a guitar

    • jp2323

      nope, he’s playing a guitar

      • Eugene

        As in not base, or as in there’s a guitar somewhere in the background we’re not seeing? 

    • Guest

      The musical instrument is called a “Bass”, not a “base”.

      • Bob


    • Akendel

      no, he is imitating a drum kit, vocals, and electric guitar, not a bass.