Vulnerable, Helpless Fighter Planes: Stunning Museum Art

I love art exhibits, and this is one of the most… stunning pieces of museum displays I’ve seen. See for yourself…

(By the way, for some reason my mailing list didn’t send off yesterday’s post: a short, powerful animation called The Night We Were Kings, which I’ve watched/listened to… 9 times now? Check it out if you already haven’t)

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By the way, these fighter planes (there’s one more below that’s like a wounded animal) were used during Desert Storm, a war led by the U.S. with the U.N. in response to Iraq’s invasion and annexation of Kuwait.

It must have been a breathtaking sight for this man.

The planes were put up at Tate Britain, an art gallery located in London.

The Sepecat Jaguar XZ118 was stripped of paint and polished so that the gallery attendees could see their own reflection from the fighter plane. Some more photos before a quick conclusion:

I think the juxtaposition of the powerful being very vulnerable leaves strong impressions in the mind. Not only are fighter planes often seen as lethal harbingers of death, they’re also typically known as one of humanity’s most technologically invested attempt at providing physical/territorial domination. Caged up, vulnerable, and left without its arsenal and arms in an art gallery, they start feeling less like birds of prey and more like purposeless, dying birds.

[via The Guardian]

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