Judges Shocked by Talent – Karise Eden, The Voice


For TV competitions, particularly singing ones, it’s not often to see all the judges agree on a contestant going in through the initial rounds. I’ll explain more below, but it’s much more difficult to get all 4 judges to want you in on “The Voice”, and never within 2-3 seconds of beginning a song.

Some context (as Keith Urban drops his jaw above) is probably necessary. If you haven’t seen it, The Voice is a singing competition that’s different than the “Idol” series in a few key ways. First, judges don’t choose contestants by seeing them – they only hear their singing talent, and hit a button in front of them to indicate that they want that singer on their team.

That’s Seal above (well known for his “Kiss from a Rose” song). The judges compete to win with their group of singers (which get whittled down to 1 overall as the winner across all the singers), and so they pick winners for themselves. When more than 1 judge picks a contestant from the “Blind” auditions, the singer than chooses his/her judge instead.

The format is a big reason why I watch The Voice and not Idol anymore. Everyone they bring on The Voice is talented: so the bar and competition is set quite high. I’d much prefer to spend my time watching/listening to great performers wanting to make it instead of people who are obviously untalented but make it on a show just to be laughed at.

Karise Eden is obviously talented. I often watch the show by fast forwarding to the singing parts, and the moment I heard her I reacted in the same way with the judges (I don’t watch the performance either, but that’s just me multitasking), and watched on my video monitor. She’s only 19, and I’m happy for her that this is happening: a new talent has just been discovered, and I’m sure she’ll do well in the competition.

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