Level 9000 Ping Pong, Fusion of Art, Sport & Effects


If you didn’t get the reference, “Level 9000″ refers to an extreme level of power, popularized (and now a meme, Google search) from an episode of the Japanese anime Dragon Ball Z . It’s especially appropriate in this case, because the style of the video and its effects borrow from Japanese anime, and arguably, the Dragon Ball Z (wiki) series.

It’s certainly a loving, creative piece of work. This fusion of anime and ping pong (or table tennis) is brought together by some solid special effects that I’ve seen from two amazing, fun movies that echo a similar style: Shaolin Soccer (wiki) and what I feel is the underrated, even-more-visually-stunning Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (wiki).

(Just for good measure, threw in the movie trailer if you liked the ping pong one. This more references video game culture and details than anime, but is just as nice)

And the love is in the details, like the stomp you see above, or the splatters of black ash that spill across from the fiery duel. On that note… Did you notice the illegal move? :) Have a good weekend!

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