Magically Musical… *Glass*?


One of the more amazing musical “instruments” I’ve heard, these “singing glasses” sound quite a bit like… Well, a glass harp. The orchestra of glasses creates a very memorable, crystal clear tone, and you can tell that the pristine performance was the result of a lot of patience and passion.

Here’s another example, this time focusing more on the glasses themselves. It’s a short ad with a cool twist at the end too:

I think it’s a real piece of art, particularly when you consider every new performance by someone using the sort of glass harp above will never be the same. You need to painstakingly add water for every performance and try to get the right pitch for notes, and between that and the evaporation of water, you’ll hear something unique every time (in person, anyhow).

As it turns out, though, there are different types of glass harps, and not all of them require water. Some of the glass can be ground to a permanent tune (Wikipedia), and that seems to be the case for the Glass Duo’s (they’re the pair from the first video) glass harp.

Finally, if you really enjoyed the ones above, here’s a short one that’s… more “joyful” (the old man clearly looks like he’s having fun :P ):

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