Man of a Thousand Impossible Faces, a Creative Video Projection Project


There’s been some pretty creative (link) video (link) projections (link) here at Vitamin Cr, and this is the first one I’ve seen of a human-focused projection, easily lending credence to the idea of the man of a thousand faces.

Personally, the freakiest/best examples were when the video projection played person’s face as a background and related it to the rest of the scene. The example above is one of them, when “mail” starts getting dumped from his forehead to the rest of the body.

The other thing that stuck out creatively was how contrasting and lifelike the “full body” changes were, particularly those relating to real-world examples. It was great to see the digital, wireframe faces, and the “real” examples of the person just made it clear it wasn’t just something that would work in the abstract.

Some quick examples of these before the close…

And finally, something a bit contrasting for the senses to finish this post.

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