Share Sunday: A Profound Story + Cycle


I hope you enjoyed this video: I love creative innovations of various kinds, from food to technology to design, and Share Sundays are an opportunity to reflect, to look at the power of story telling or to go “meta” on creativity.

The story of Chok is not only profound, it feels like a story that translates well across cultures of different kinds. Here are some highlights:

I really appreciated the placing in of “rebirth” to the story to allow us the opportunity to see how a past life might’ve been for an individual. I feel like it got us to feel for Chok in his previous life, and a rebirth is an opportunity we could feel for him to do more/better in.

One thing too: the king in Thailand, while not the head of government (their Prime Minister is), is much revered by his people, so hopefully the reference makes more sense now.

It’s relatable because I’m sure, at some point, many of us have felt (or continue to be feeling) this way. What is life, what are we doing, and why does it feel like something’s missing?

Another aspect of the way the story was told… Was Chok’s personal transformation, and it felt… real. Pursuing his passions had its costs (the losing of interest in certain hobbies, some friends), instead of a rah-rah, it-was-easy turnaround.

At the end, Chok’s ultimately at peace with himself despite wondering if he could’ve done more. It’s the sort of ending that… again, felt real, realistic.

From a story-telling creativity point of view, it’s ultimately a (very) well-told story that draws us emotionally closer with Chok because it’s likely we’ve shared many of his wins, trials, and tribulations… And it’s profound as well.

Some parting words from the video:

Life cycles like the harvest of the rice fields
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Time moves on and you never know what the next season will bring…

… Each Moment is the Universe…

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