Creative, Uplifting Video Proposal (with Live + Priceless Reactions/Answer)


While I like to spread different genres/categories of creativity through the weeks (past two days were heartwarming ones), I couldn’t wait to post this video up (engagement was just 2 days ago). Hope it helps brighten up your day too! Highlights:

First, as someone with… “lesser” singing talents, its great to see a great, creative music video proposal. You can tell George really put his heart into it through each scene, and it’s great that they captured her (live) reaction too.

One thing that worked really well was with bringing in friends and family into the whole proposal. She reacted visibly well to seeing their friends in the video, and that this was shown with family only made the experience more heartwarming and personal.

I can’t decide if I like the video… or Liz’s reaction more. Don’t get me wrong: the music video itself was great and thought out. But her reaction – raw, unbridled joy and happiness – is the sort of honest “moments” that are priceless to have, let alone capture as well. Congrats to both her and George, and I hope this brightens up your week.

[via Liz Hamann]

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