Dilemma of an Amazing Secret, Canadian Treehouse


The amazing treehouse, put together by Joel Allen, was a secret until recently – when he was finished building it after a few years of work. As the video alludes to at the end, he has issues with keeping the treehouse, which we’ll look at in a moment.

It’s an impressive piece of work, and I thought to highlight a few things after the video:

Joel is a computer technician-turned-carpenter. That’s how it looked during one of the house’s earlier stages.

One of the most interesting parts of treehouse was the sunflower outside a window of the treehouse. I just thought it was… wonderfully ironic that there’s a specific flower being cared for individually while the treehouse resides in the middle of a forested area.

What about showering, you ask? Well, Joel shows how :)

Of course, a designer’s desk for the designer…

… and cooking facilities for the guests…

… yet far up enough that certain unwelcome guests are excluded.

Joel’s problem is that he’s built the treehouse on Crown land (in Whistler). For the uninitiated, that’s basically land technically owned by the government, and he’s not allowed to build it there. He’s put together a page to get some opinions on what to do, and it’s available here.

Regardless, a beautiful, wonderful treehouse, and I’m sure he’ll be getting calls to build more for his line of work.

[via Daily Mail]

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