Enjoyably Insightful and Frank about Beautiful Design & Architecture: Ice Cube


When it comes to rappers (and I guess, TV stars), Ice Cube comes across as quite… Thoughtful. This love letter to Los Angeles feels very relate-able to me about us and the beauty in our own cities. Highlights:

This video was itself beautifully crafted. It starts off with Ice Cube… Giving us a ride with him as he drives and touches about the good and the bad of LA’s infrastructure and architecture. It draws us in, like he’s welcoming us to his city.

The Eames, which he delves a bit deeper into during the short video, looks amazing. It’s nicely described through the video as well, with Ice Cube giving his frank thoughts on what he sees as amazing about the structure, making it more relate-able (like what a friend would say to you) too.

This is about LA, but to me, this could be any city. *Your* city. Every city has its share of imperfections, but Ice Cube takes the criticisms and embraces the city’s character, highlighting interesting facts, noting beautiful local examples, and delivers confident love for his city. It’s something I’m sure we can all do if we stop to think and appreciate our own.

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