Star Wars Jedi Ninjas


A nice, paced out fan video that combines the artistry of Jedi lightsaber + force fighting with ninja elements… Some highlights from the video:

The force powers in the video were… a bit over the top, but it also meant you definitely knew when they were used or exercised. Still, impressive to watch…

I liked the choreography of the fighting as well. The slow-mo moments, coupled with the final battle with the “leader”, particularly when the lightning force was used.

The finale was pretty funny, well thought out. The humour and poking fun at themselves towards the end made the people in the video seem more relate-able as well.

Something that did come up after watching the video: everytime I see Jedi fight, it emulates the sort of flowing, fast-paced combat that I would automatically associate with ninjas or kung fu. Obviously the fighting was creative, but in this case, so was the marketing – because the style… Isn’t inconsistent. Still, it was effective. :)

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    • Anonymous

      You know, it’s weird.  The choreography and special effects were amazing, but somehow the music just seemed to fall short.  It somehow made it feel unprofessional to me, which is disappointing because it was so close to being incredible.  Even the backoff of the music to make way for the audio effects seemed overly obvious and somehow just less well done than all the other aspects.

      Usually the audio track is what really pulls me into things like this, but here it had the opposite effect.