Join the “Wow’s” you hear in the video: the Lightfusion Dance (Japan’s Team iLuminate)


That was… Amazing! The choreography, technical lighting, music… Definitely left me stunned in awe and wonder. Highlights:

Now many people have probably seen iLuminate dance on America’s Got Talent: it’s a similar concept here, but with the higher-contrast/brighter suits and creative choreography, I liked Japan’s Wrecking Crew Orchestra more. At minimum, it’s better viewing.

I liked that the act itself was comprised of different sections: some initial fast “warp” dancing to get the crowd into it, followed by the more “Zen” aspect above… And then, followed by…

… the finale dance, which included the group and lighting working together to push this up to a final climax at the end. Doing some research into this, I like how it’s called “defying dance physics”, which in some ways it does for the viewer.

Hope you enjoyed it, kind of a nice way to end the work week. Have a great day!

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