MythBuster’s Adam Savage: How Man Found, 2200 years ago, the Size of Earth, then the Speed of Light, and offers a profound idea


Always love it when I learn something from watching a video, and I hope you learned something too. Thanks to Adam, I learned 3 (okay, maybe 4) things from this video. Highlights:

The obvious two things I learned were the stories from the video. I don’t recall learning how the earliest scientists discovered the facts that they did, and they’re just… impressive. They were creative in looking at the data they had to come up with something they hadn’t considered from the get-go as well.

3rd thing was Adam’s declaration about how these facts were obtained from curiousity, and in a sense how the problems they solved were done so with some thought and without the use of modern technology. It is, he argues, what we today should also be able to accomplish today.

The 4th thing? TED Education, which I didn’t realise existed, building on the wonderful TED talks they already have.

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