Wow: Amazing, Coordinated Light Painting Video


Yes, this is done by having *people* hold onto various lights and walking in a set direction, a “dance” of lights if you will. Highlights:

The first thing that came to my mind besides “this is amazing!” was “how?”. This is simplifying it a bit, but going through the video slowly to capture some images, you can see the numbers and lines used to draw positions and routes for the display.

To put things into perspective: you may have seen “light drawings” before, and they seen seem animated – lines keep shifting just a bit – because it’s what happens when you draw on a flipbook and flip the pages. This happens here too – every frame you see comes from people drawing part of, then resetting to draw again a larger part of an image.

The skeptic in me thinks this is too coordinated – there’s too much effort – to get this to work. But as I paused every second or two to look at each image, you can clearly see people holding lights where the lines should be. I then start thinking it’ll take more effort to fake the result.

It’s certainly a large production, and I imagine it would be difficult to coordinate. Looks like they tried to have some fun, though, and it worked out really beautifully in the end anyhow. If you’re interested in seeing the video of how it happened, just start the video from the beginning (I fast forwarded it to the good part for those who’d rather see the just result).

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