What’s VitaminCr.com about?

logo_plus_text_medIt’s a blog site (digested into a weekly email) that showcases different kinds/types of creativity.

It was written with two purposes in mind:

  1. for creative types (and everyone else) to become more creative by being exposed to varying examples of creativity.
  2. for people to enjoy and share great creative examples with friends and family.

How is Vitamin Creativity different?

Besides for what’s covered in the Philosophy-titled section on the right of each page, a few key points are that:

1) Modeled after comic strips, the content you see is simple, consumable, and not consuming (you shouldn’t realized you’ve just spent 2 hours procrastinating on yet another site).

2) These are examples of creativity.  Videos aren’t fail videos, or the most heart-warming story of inspiration (not that they are bad, just a different focus).  It’s meant to benefit the reader every time they come on Vitamin Creativity.


3) Variety is introduced to “unbalance” the reader’s creative headspace (to avoid “creative plateauing”, similar to avoiding the lesser gains from continually working on only one type of muscle during exercise) as well as to let different types of ideas mingle for you, the reader.  Techies who often get exposed to creative techie stuff would benefit from…  the occasional creative food/music example, and the case is the same for other creative types.

4) Content is curated, and generally pretty good.   A lot more material is reviewed and never posted, and not always the “AWESOME VIDEO”:  it could be a subtle, smart creative example.  This curation helps with #3.

I’d like to contribute content to the site.  How do I do that?

Easy!  You can submit either a link of something creative or even a creative source on:
http://VitaminCr.com/submit-link/, or send an email to  eugene@VitaminCr.com

Who are “we”?

In wanting to become more creative, a few of my friends and I started to find ways to challenge each other and find new ways of looking and thinking about things.  The result was Vitamin Creativity, and we welcome like minded individuals who want to join us to review, curate, and write about Creativity.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email to eugene@VitaminCr.com