Your Own Prettified Pinterest Creative Board in 30s (with this Hack/Splice Tool)!

After trying to splice the images manually (long story there) after Pinterest’s redesign, I thought: why not make a tool for Pinterest users that does not need Photoshop? Here’s the result:

Also, I’m letting Pinterest users (for now until the cap is hit) bypass the invite-only requirement of the mailing list (mine can only have so many people) where creative examples (and new tools/updates like this) are compiled and forwarded. I heart Pinterest users*, so just email me your first name and Pinterest URL to and I’ll add/invite you myself.

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Step 1: Select Image on Your Computer, Then Click Upload

Questions? Suggestions? Feedback? Drop me a line at


* Pinterest Users:

  1. I think 99.9% of Pinterest users are creative (or are interested in creativity).
  2. I like helping creative people (thus building this tool!)
  3. I feel like Pinterest users, maybe because Pinterest is new or not so geeky, can get underserved.
** This tool was put together by @ideaOwl, and my personal website is at


*** Thanks to:

  • Eric Warnke for suggesting a preview of spliced images at the end when pinning starts
  • Jennifer Kane for helping me test the tool, finding a javascript-loading pin-bug

    • Sunil Tomar

      great tool

    • Erika NJ

      awesome tool! One thing though- the instructions showed up at the bottom of each image as part of the image. How to I change that?

    • Sien Jans

      In step 2 I can’t see my image and can’t continue… has anyone an idea what the problem is?

    • guest

      i am also wondering how to change it so the words do not show up at the bottom

    • Info

      Good tool but it doesn’t work!

    • zczxc

      I can’t resize pics – not sure what i’m doing wrong???