Mum gives birth to miracle baby after crash that left her one millimetre from death

Charlotte McCarthy thought she wouldn’t be able to ever have kids due to the injuries she sustained in a horrific crash, but she has once again thanked heroic NHS workers

A new mum who thought she would never be able to have children has given birth to a Christmas miracle baby, three years after she came within one millimetre of death.

Charlotte McCarthy spent the festive season in 2018 in a major trauma unit after being involved in a horrific crash alongside her partner, Jak Metcalfe, and her parents.

They had been celebrating Charlotte’s graduation when the couple suffered life-changing injuries when their car was hit by a truck. Firefighters had to cut the family from the wreckage and doctors told her if there was one more millimetre of damage to an artery she would have died, reports LancsLive.

Jak managed to escape the wreckage and bravely tried to save his partner but collapsed with pelvic injuries.

He was given a 50/50 chance of survival.

Her parents, Suzanne and Tony, were also left with major trauma.

But three years on the couple are celebrating with the birth of a “miracle” baby.

The news of the pregnancy came as a surprise to Charlotte who thought the couple may never be able to have kids because of their injuries.

But on December 1, the beaming new mum and dad welcomed little Cara Anne Metcalfe into the world.

“We always worried that we might not be able to have babies because of our injuries and she is a miracle. And it’s a miracle that she’s so healthy,” said Charlotte.

The couple once again thanked the heroic NHS workers with 22 surgeons helping to deliver Cara.

It was decided that a caesarian section under general anaesthetic was the safest delivery method. Charlotte was also unable to have an epidural due to having a metal plate in her spine.

Charlotte said: “When I first got pregnant, it was a bit of shock. We were speaking to the colorectal nurse because we thought I had a bowel blockage. They said it’s not a blockage but there is something there!

“We discovered I was pregnant and had to have all these conversations with consultants to check they were happy for it to go ahead and amazingly they were.”

Considered high risk, the couple went for frequent scans and checks during the pregancy before the section took place at 37 weeks.

“It was a shame that I didn’t get to meet the baby straight away but Jak was there all the time,” she said.

Jak added: “It all went quite smoothly really, or as they planned it to at least. There were 22 people in the surgery.”

Due to jaundice and weight loss, Cara visited hospital most days in the week after coming home and the family are again grateful for all the support and care they have received.

They mentioned Paul Barrow, the consultant colorectal surgeon who supported them right through to the birth, among a long list of doctors, nurses and carers they want to thank.

Now back home with a healthy Cara, Charlotte said: “It’s tiring but it’s just so lovely because when we look at where we were three years ago, it’s totally different now because she’s here.”

The couple got engaged two months after the crash, but Covid had pushed back their original wedding date. The couple plan to get married in July 2022.

The truck driver involved in the crash had 12 points on his licence was not permitted to drive such a vehicle. At court, he admitted careless driving and was fined £1,600.

Amazingly, the victims met up with him before his sentencing and shook his hand after he apologised and expressed his remorse.

Speaking in 2019, Charlotte said: “This wasn’t about forgiveness or for us to get angry.

“We talked about our injuries, he had tears in his eyes. There were five of us in that crash 12 months ago, him included.

“I shook his hand because after all of the above and facing court; I have run out of strength and need some peace.”